The Original Darryl Jones Bass

The Darryl Jones Signature Model Bass
To maintain quality while meeting the demands of the players the Darryl Jones Bass is now available, from Lakland .

Albey & Darryl have worked closely together to bring back the modern vintage style and feel of the original Darryl Jones Bass.

The history of the Darryl Jones Bass.
In 1985 Darryl commissioned a custom bass from Albey, what began as a business relationship has evolved into a deep friendship and this signature model bass. 
Keeping in mind that Darryl and Albey have always been stone cold Fender freaks, when Albey designed this bass in 1995, he streamlined the traditional "J" shape to meet the needs of today's player.

The Darryl Jones Signature Model is now available through Lakland