The World Bass  "Ultimate Fretless"

Alder or Swamp Ash   body w/ Aero Passive 'J' pick-ups.
Maple neck w/extra long, extra thick ebony fingerboard.
Ebony's extremely resistant to wear, and has a definite effect on the vibration of  the bass due to it's weight  and shape. The finger board extends over the body and vibrating at it's own resonance affects the resonance of the bass as a whole. 
The notes     s   p   r   e   a   d     as they decay. 
The fingerboard, the shaded coloring at the heel of the neck & headstock, and the hand-rubbed oil finish, give this bass the upright bass vibe.

World Bass


Albey Balgochian bass, Jackson Krall drums, Sabir Mateen sax, Dennis Warren percussion.

A WB Bass